Thinking about studying in Malaysia for higher education? It is a very good choice as every country has its own perks for international students. Malaysia is a wonderful country to study abroad. There are many higher educational institute in Malaysia, however, only 200 of them are allowed to enroll international students by the government official in order to maintain a quality education and global standards.

In this article, we will discuss a proper step by step guide on how to get Malaysian student visa. Malaysian study visa process is a little different than other countries. In other countries you apply in a university they give you a ‘Student Pass’ based on which you get study visa. Malaysia uses the same approach but in a bit different order.

You do first look for a university where you wish to pursue your higher education. You apply their for admission. Before university issues a ‘Student Pass’, you have to apply for study visa in Malaysia. This process is also done via that university and you get your student visa after arriving in the Malaysia.

What Visa to Apply For?

Before you go any further you must know, what you are struggling for so you can put your efforts to right place accordingly. There are 3 types of visas to go to Malaysia. Each of these visas are used for their own special purposes and depending on why you are going to Malaysia, their requirements also vary. These are named:

  1. Transit Visa
  2. Single Entry Visa
  3. Multiple Entry Visa

Transit Visa:Transit visa is used when you are travelling through a country. If you are going to a country and there is a stay in Malaysia between the journey, you will need a Transit visa of Malaysia. However, that applies only if you leave the airport. This visa can’t be used as students visa.

Single Entry Visa/ Tourist Visa: Malaysia visa is usually used for social events and it is valid for only 3 months from the date it is issued. It is used for temporary stays in Malaysia.

Multiple Entry Visa:This visa is valid for about 1 year, however, every single one of visit in Malaysia must not be longer than 30 days. Multiple entries are also permitted if certain conditions are fulfilled.


Academic Requirements to Study in Malaysia:

Educational requirements by the university are basically all the same with some minor differences in numbers. First of all is that you must already obtained sufficient education and its certifications to be able to apply for an undergraduate or apostgraduate program.

If you are applying for an undergraduate programs like Bachelors or something, you must have passed intermediate exams with the percentage specified as merit by the university. Just like this, if you wish to enroll in an MPhil programs then you must have acquired 16 years of education.

Other than above mentioned, you may need to additional certifications like language proficiency test. If you are applying for English-Taught programs, you may be asked for TOEFL or IELTS certifications with a certain score to be eligible.

Malaysian Study Visa Requirements:

In order to get any visa, you first have to apply to proper authorities, fulfilling all requirements with all necessary documentations.Following are all the documents you will need to get student visa and below it are the details where it will be used.

  1. Filled and signed student visa application form.
  2. Offer letter from the university you applied for admission
  3. Two passport sized photographs
  4. Original and Two photocopies of your Passport
  5. Academic certifications
  6. Bank statement showing you can afford your living and education in Malaysia
  7. Health certificate
  8. Proof of security and personal bond

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How to Apply for Malaysian Study Visa:

  1. First of all, you have to find a university in Malaysia that is right according to your taste.
  2. After finding the right university, go its official website and apply online for admission.You will need to provide them proper documents that every university requires.
  3. Once you are accepted, you apply for Study visa via that university. They may ask for all the documents mentioned in last heading.
  4. After acceptance in university, you can also apply online for study visa here.
  5. A ‘Visa Approval Letter’ will be issued to you which will allow you to enter Malaysia byMalaysian Immigration Department via the university.
  6. Travel to Malaysia with the Letter and go to Malaysian Embassy in Malaysia to obtain a Malaysia Visa.
  7. That’s it!


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