UTI problem is the main reason of bacterial infection in men’s and women’s.  UTI  is an infection which can easily infect the person f any age group and lead to discomfort and pain. Sometimes UTI affects the lower urinary tract but if it is not treated properly t can do damage to bladder, kidney and lower intestine.

Usually, when UTI issue starts with a person and people tend to see the symptoms they get worried about it and rush to see a doctor in the first call whereas this infection is treatable through some home remedies that give equally beneficial results like any other antibiotics.

Here are some of the home remedies that can help you fight your UTI problem with ease.


1)    Having coconut water & coconut milk helps to treat UTI

Coconut water is the main substance which is obtained from the coconut and it is a colourless fluid that has many elements that are beneficial for better health. Whereas coconut milk is the substance which is obtained from crushing the flesh of coconut that is mature in physical form.

Coconut milk and coconut water contain the substance called monolaurin which is highly beneficial for all the age groups.

What to take?

Coconut water, coconut milk


Coconut water is rich in electrolytes that are equal to plasma blood so taking the coconut water fresh from the coconut twice a day can help you remove your bacteria easily.

Similarly, drink coconut milk but in smaller quantities, as it produces the laxative effect and laxative intolerant can become an issue but if it is taken in smaller quantities twice a day it will also help you combat your bacteria with ease.

2)    Adding the blue to your remedy list

Well adding the blue is the significance of colour here and this blue colour indicates the healthy blueberries that are good for the treatment of UTI. The bacteria of UTI contains an element name fimbria which is a hair substance that helps the bacteria to stick in the urinary tract.

To remove this bacteria blueberry juice can be helpful but we know that blueberry juice comes with some flavour of grapes in it and usually have added sugar in it which can help bacteria to stick and multiply in your urinary tract. It is better to consume blueberries directly to fight the UTI infection in your body.

how to take?

Fresh blueberries (1-2 cups)


Blueberries are the one which can be taken easily as a fruit snack at any time of day. Just rinse your fresh blueberries and enjoy them anytime of the day. You can even have them in breakfast as they make a good addition to the oatmeals.  Having them twice in a day beat the fimbria element of the bacteria and bacteria will not multiply in the urinary tract and it will be removed naturally by a fluid.

So, before coming to any conclusion and rushing to doctor just try these remedies to get relief from your UTI problem.


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