Dermatologist Cleans The Patient’s Toe And Something Nasty Pops Out (Video)

We didn’t care much about some body parts like Feet and Toes. We always concerned about our hands and legs but we will forget to take care about cleaning the feet or toe. Any part of the body must be taken care after certain time if not then dirt will accumulate in your body parts which converts it to pus.

Yes! There is a reason behind this thing. There is a story where patient suffered with nasty things in his toes. Dermatologist goes with this patient toenail and what he sees from his toenail will definitely shocks you. You have to read this complete story in order to understand everything.

Dermatologist started to test his injured and swollen toenail just after seeing it.

He started to push the toenail in order to get the dirty things out. Then White pus is started coming out from it.

Then he repeatedly pulling it to get the complete white pus comes out of it.

So, there is no hygiene then it has the large amount of white pus in it and it takes lots of time to come out from it.

He repeated it for long time to get the substance out of the toenail.

Then he started pushing hardly at the toenail and suddenly the blood is coming out from leg.

The Dermatologist removed lots of pus from the toe.

It was about 5 minutes to remove the white pus.

Then you should aware about these silly things. So, the award goes to the pimple popper.

Then share this story in order to aware the people. There must be pimple popper around you.


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