Last December, Tango, a free video calling service introduced two pay services; video voice mail, and a feature that delivered animations during calls. The feature works on both Android enabled and iPhones. Although more than half of Tango’s free subscribers are from Android phones, when it came to converting the free customer to a paid one, Apple did a better job! Does that mean Apple consumers are better off than their Android counterparts? Well, the answer to that question may not be clear, but it’s certain that App developers certainly love Apple. Here are a few apps that are sure to enhance the 4S experience:
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Songza: This is a music streaming service that lets you sort songs on web and mobile through playlists, music moods, genres and cultures. You can build your playlist and even follow playlists of friends. It’s free and of great help when you don’t have to worry about creating playlists for songs that you aren’t probably going to listen regularly.

Tiny Wings: This is a simple game that involves guiding a bird through hills and islands. The game is priced at $0.99 and a fun game.

Word With Friends: This online and remodeled version of Scrabble is brought to you by Zynga. You can play against friends and random people on Facebook, and Twitter. It comes free and hence loved by the 20 million+ people who use this app.

Plants vs. Zombies: This award winning game from PopCap is a challenge for your strategy and now available on your iPhone 4S and iPad2. The game starts with simple moves but then moves on to a complex use of skills and costs $2.99.

Real Racing: The A5 dual core processor on your iPhone4S is put to real test with this game. With mind blowing graphics, the phone is a must buy. If you have Apple TV and the Party Play feature you can host three iOS devices and create a split-screen, multi player race.

Photosynth: The iPhone may not have a wide lens, but Microsoft’s Photosynth lets you capture a 360 degree view. All that you’ve got to do is to pick a starting point and sweep the camera until a beep is heard. Once you’ve framed everything that you want, the App stitches images together.

MailShot: This is a free mailing list app that lets you create email distribution group to be added to your contacts. While Siri cannot create email groups for you, it can certainly mail the groups created through MailShot. This may not be the best app, but it certainly enhances Siri’s functionality.

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