Many reports have highlighted how Android is more taken by users in comparison with mobile platforms like iOS and Windows. The huge popularity of the mobile operating system launched by Google also encourages many developers to switch to Android development. But with every other company launching new mobile apps at frequent intervals, the development will now be competitive. At the same time, the frequent variations in the choices of Android device users have further made the app development process more complex. So each developer must know and implement several recommendations to build a robust Android app at an instant pace.
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Best Practices for Mobile App Development on Android

Control the Associated with Notifications

Often programmers make use of the notification feature in the app to convey information to users. In addition to the updated and latest news, offer is also which are used to express various pores and skin time-sensitive information for the user. But many developers forget that notification overload can have a negative effect on the user experience. So it is important to control the use of notification as a really good UX design practice to improve buyer experience. At the same time, the app must allow users to turn the notification feature off through an easy option.

Optimize Navigation

Each user loves an Android app that allows these phones navigate at a much quicker pace. Usually the user experience likewise impacted due on the absence of an intuitive and efficient navigation option. Also, you must take into account that the app could be accessed on a variety of Android devices. Therefore the navigation feature of your application must be optimized improve consumer experience. For instance, you can consider designing web applications with tabs to thrill users by comprising the lateral navigation feature in the form.

Use the Device’s Built-in Features

Enterprises frequently launch new Android devices with innovative and extended features. Many users also get along with latest Android devices to avail advanced built-in features like camera, contacts and GPS. So hardly ever love to use apps that permit them use the built-in features of the Android devices. You can always include features in the app to start built-in features. The possibility will save your own time and effort, while delivering an improved and flawless buyer.

Concentrate on Improving Aesthetics

The aesthetic value of an Android app will have a huge impact in its popularity. Most users also decide a few downloading a mobile app if they are impressed by the app name and icon. You will also consider availing help from an experienced slot designer optimize the aesthetics of the application. Also, you can consider boosting the user interface design by using several faster image editing tools like Adobe photoshop and Adobe Fireworks.

Integrate Third-Party Applications

Each Android user for you to simultaneously avail the best features of countless applications launched by different enterprises. So you should always boost the user experience by incorporating system and third-party applications in the Android iphone. The integration will enable users to experience device cohesiveness. At likely to time, the integration will further strengthen the performance of one’s app without writing longer lines of code. You also have options you could use a variety of third-party apps according to the nature and requirements of your app. A few of these apps like global search integration, live folder and app widgets can optimize the application’s performance, without putting any extra effort. Also, you make use of tools like accounts, contacts and syncAPI to tighten the operating-system integration.

In accessory for keeping in their mind the tricks and tips used by Android app developers along the world; it is possible to further add new best practices based inside your experience. Also, you can customize some of these tricks as mentioned by specific needs of the project. Android app development teams can assist build android apps within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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